'Smart Defrag', and 'Outlook Express Tweaker'

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Smart Defrag

IObit SmartDefrag works automatically and quietly in the background, constantly keeps your computer fragment-free.


Outlook Express Tweaker

Tweaker for Outlook Express allows you to: hide "MSN Messenger" in Outlook Express menu; turn off the Outlook Express splash screen; change the path where message attachments are stores; change the path where Address Book is stored; change the Outlook Express start page location; use smooth message scrolling; hide the Accounts Settings dialog from menu (to protect it from the changes); block executable attachments to protect you from the viruses; hide or show the attached images at the bottom of the message; change the Windows title for the dialogs of Outlook Express; change the small animation logos in Outlook Express and Internet Explorer; change the indent character from " -& " to other when you reply the message; change the database location for messages and news; hide "Hotmail" tab from menu "Tools" -& "New Account Signup".


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