A Comedic Paradise: Rooftop Comedy

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Searching for comedy on the Internet is not always easy. However, the task just got a lot easier thanks to Rooftop Comedy.

Rather than having to scour the Internet -- or even general video websites like YouTube -- Rooftop Comedy provides a single place that houses over one hundred clips from various comedians. And unlike what you may find on television, clips on Rooftop Comedy are uncensored. (Source: rooftopcomedy.com)

Rooftop Comedy states that their website was founded by "one comic, some Internet geeks, and former broadcasters." It offers a free membership which users can join to receive extra benefits like access to more shows. Rooftop's plan is to expand the website and establish it as an interactive comedy experience indistinguishable from the rest. (Source: rooftopcomedy.com)

The website allows users to rate each clip, and viewers can search for clips by comic or by rating. Rooftop Comedy also offers contests in which users can win prizes. (Source: news.com)

Not only does the website bring comedy to the masses, it also offers a place for comics to post their clips and reach a larger audience. Rooftop Comedy recognizes comics' challenge in establishing a name for themselves, and offers its website as a way for comedians to gain exposure. The website does not charge comics who send in their clips. (Source: rooftopcomedy.com)

In order to view Rooftop Comedy's videos, you will need Windows media player. The website also suggests that your connection can sustain a 600kbps downstream. (Source: buzzshout.com)

If you are a comedy buff, the website may be worth checking out. Whether or not you laugh is one thing that Rooftop Comedy can't guarantee -- but at least it has made searching for comedy a lot easier.

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