Amazon Reveals Likely Vista Release Date

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Although many are eagerly anticipating the release of Microsoft's new operating system (OS), Windows Vista, don't expect to ring in the New Year with it.

Although Microsoft has been working feverishly to get Vista out within the first few days of 2007, a post for the operating system on has the product listed for January 30. (Source:

Vista is of course Microsoft's number one project as it juggles goals for the coming year. The Redmond-based company recently assigned its upcoming personal digital music player, the "Zune", to Toshiba for manufacturing, perhaps as a result of its concentration on Vista's release.

Although Canadian retailers yesterday leaked details of the upcoming Vista price list, the post isn't so revealing. True, the Canadian cost sheet was quickly pulled down, but all Amazon can provide is one solitary price -- $399.00 USD -- without any specifics on what package that would purchase. In addition, the product itself is evidently only available to Americans.

An official list of American prices are not yet available, but should come at the same time as Microsoft distributes its Release Candidate version of Vista. When can you expect that? According to CNET News, sometime in the next month (but knowing the history of this operating system's development, don't be surprised if another thirty days are tacked on). (Source:

Despite the long wait until the release of Vista, Amazon is allowing interested customers the chance to preorder the new operating system, a suggested option considering the great interest in Microsoft's upcoming software.

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