MySpace: Online Recruiting for the U.S. Marines

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The United States Marine Corps is using, the web's most popular social network, to recruit new prospects.

Since the launch of the Marine Corps profile in January, over 12,000 MySpace users have added the Marine Corps to their list of online friends, and as many as 430 people have completed online applications on the Marine Corps website. (Source:

Changing the Way Youth Communicate

MySpace has changed the face of socialization for many teens and twenty-something's. The Web-based community has over 94 million registered users that post personal profiles and communicate online with friends who have common interests.

MySpace users are attracted to how easy it is to make friends and communicate with them via the website, so MySpace has quickly become the online hang out for young people.

A Different Spin on Online Recruiting

MySpace, touted as the "new wave" by Gunnery Sgt. Brian Lancioni, and is a "great way to show what the Marine Corps has to offer." (Source:

The Marine Corps MySpace profile features videos of new recruits going through boot camp and Marines storming beaches to entice potential recruits.

Interested prospective recruits can click on a link on the Marines' profile to the organization's official website. Here they can fill out a form to speak to one of the recruitment representatives.

Tapping into "Where the Prospects are"

It is the site's popularity that is appealing to the Marines and other United States military organizations. In addition to the Marines, the U.S. Army is planning to set up its own profile page very soon.

Louise Eaton, media and web chief for the U.S. Army Accession Command notes that MySpace is "where the prospects are" and where the U.S. Army can show youth what it has to offer. (Source:

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