Newspapers, Yahoo Considering Partnership

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Recently, BusinessWeek magazine reported that Hearst Newspapers and MediaNews Group are leading preliminary discussions for partnership with Yahoo in content-specific areas. (Source:

The partnerships would include collaborations in areas such as local news, theme-based content packages (for instance, travel), and web classifieds. (Source:

Preliminary talks also indicate that readers would be able to receive customized information based on their location and preferences. It has been speculated that the collaborative effort will focus on jobs postings, allowing newspaper and web users alike to access information in both a traditional newspaper format as well as online. (Source:

A Sign Of The Times

Since the coming of the internet-era, newspapers have struggled to remain a go-to informational source for the general public, oftentimes hurting their bottom line. Many attempts at charging readers to view online content have gone sour, forcing newspapers to find creative ways to maintain and attract readership.

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