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In early June, Google launched its free online spreadsheet program to beta testers.

Some say the release of the web-based spreadsheet is a sign of Google's increased exploration into the sector of office software that is currently dominated by Microsoft. (Source:

The spreadsheet service is available to public now that Google has purchased web-based word processing application, "Writely," which delivers an online simulation of a word processor.

How it Works

Deemed as the "The Web Word Processor", Writely allows users to import Microsoft Word documents along with offering quick and easy publishing in HTML format for the web. (Source:

The spreadsheet will not require users to install anything onto their computer because all documents are created and saved onto Google's servers. This allows for any user to access their documents from any computer that has a web browser.

Other Features

Google Spreadsheets is rumored to allow users to host up to 50 documents online. In addition, the spreadsheet allows for collaborative work, where multiple people can edit a single document at the same time. In a collaborative environment, users can see changes as they were made to the document and can even host a chat area for when discussion is needed. (Source:

The spreadsheet is available to only to users with a Google email account, and will support the import and export of documents in .XLS, and .CSV formats. The service will also provide automatic saving such that it will be saved with every change that is made to it. It will also enable easy transfer of data from cell to cell, insertion and deletion of rows and columns, and support of multiple sheets or tabs. (Source:

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