Purge Your Most Recently Used (MRU) Files List: MS Word

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Word includes a Most Recently Used (MRU) Files List that displays the documents you have previously opened. The default number of files displayed is four but you can increase it to a maximum of nine files.

There may be plenty of reasons why you may want to clear your MRU list. For example: If a document file is no longer available, but still appears on the list of recently used files, you may want to clear your MRU.

To clear the MRU File List, you have to disable the recently used files list and then re-enable it. To do so:

  • Within MS Word, click Options from the Tools menu.
  • From the General tab, clear the check beside the Recently used file list option and click OK.

This step will purge the list. Now you need to re-enable this feature by repeating the steps just listed. This time make sure a check appears beside the Recently used file list and click OK.

All the files that previously appeared in the list will no longer be there.

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