'Crbap', and 'Bandwidth Vista'

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Control the recycle bin. Crbap helps you get rid of Recycle-bin files quickly. No more answering "Yes" to delete files; customizable Hotkey to Empty Recycle-bin; customizable Hotkey to View the Recycle-Bin, and increased functionality over previous versions. GUI Assisted Configuration; completely hidden -- no windows or icons; optionally alerts you when you empty the Recycle-bin; hotkey allow you to quickly exit the program entirely; optionally Starts with Windows and uses few resources. 100% Freeware -- absolutely NO SPYWARE! Also features automatic live updates utilizing the UpChk engine.


Bandwidth Vista

Monitor the network speed and bandwidth performance of your network connections. Any type of connection can be monitored on your LAN or the internet, wireless or cable. Network activity is monitored and logged for each individual connection. Bandwidth Vista is an asset to the home computer or network server alike.


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