Remove SpySheriff (Removal Instructions): Simplified

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SpySheriff is a mock antispyware application that uses fake security alerts to dupe users into purchasing the program.

SpySheriff is typically installed through a security hole in MS Windows that automatically downloads a Trojan to your PC. The Trojan then issues bogus security alerts in the Windows taskbar. When you click on a fake security warning, SpySheriff is downloaded and installed to the system.

SpySheriff also locks the Windows desktop to a black background with a warning message stating that "your computer is at risk."

How to Remove SpySheriff (Removal Instructions)

Below are simplified steps to guide you through the removal process.

  1. Begin by rebooting your computer into Safe Mode (with Networking support). Click: Start -> Shutdown -> Restart; once the computer restarts, press the "F8" key multiple times until a Startup Menu appears. Choose Safe Mode with Networking.
  2. Once in Safe Mode, uninstall Spy Sheriff by going to Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, select "SpySheriff" and click Remove. Note: do not reboot your computer yet or SpySheriff will reinstall itself.
  3. Click here to get Adaware SE (free); when installing, make sure to update the signature files of Adaware.
  4. Run Adaware SE and do a "Full System scan" and an ADS scan. An ADS scan will require you to select a drive (select the C: drive.)
  5. Click here to get Spybot Search & Destroy; this will clear the remaining bits of Spy Sheriff. Download the updates once you have installed the software on your system. When complete, do a full system scan.
  6. Boot back into Normal mode and check if Spy Sheriff has been removed. If it has not, I would suggest running both Spybot and Adaware again to make sure you didn't miss any steps.
  7. Visit the Windows Update web site and acquire any updates for your computer. This will help to ensure your system does not get infected again with Spy Sheriff.

That's it!

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