Windows 10 Hit By Printer Bug

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A Windows update that causes bugs is no surprise at this point, but a new one affecting printers has a twist. The bug is with Windows 10 rather than 11.

The problem comes from a month-old update, KB5014666, which rolled out from June 28, 2022. Microsoft says it has two main problems, affecting users with USB-connected printers.

The first is that on some computers, Windows shows two copies of the same printer, with the second one having the same name but ending in "Copy1". That can mean the computer is unable to print to either of the "two" printers.

The second problem comes if an application refers to a printer by a specific name (eg "HP Laserjet"). In some cases the computer is also unable to print.

Microsoft Flummoxed?

It seems a safe bet that Microsoft is struggling to identify a fix on this particular bug. Not only is it still unsolved after a month, but Microsoft is asking users to file reports through its Feedback Hub tool.

As well as providing details, Microsoft wants users to run a "Recreate my problem" feature and then attempt a print. This will collect data specific to the moment that the printing fails, the idea being that Microsoft can look at data across all affected users and try to spot any common factors. (Source:

Workaround Suggested

Microsoft has also suggested a workaround for the duplicate printer issue, with the following specific steps:

  • Open the Settings app, navigate to "Bluetooth & devices", and select "Printers & scanners"
  • If there appears to be a duplicate installation of an existing printer, such as with suffix "Copy1", confirm if printing works for this printer. This printer should operate as expected.
  • If there is a need to use the original printer installation and not the duplicate, right-click the duplicate printer, select "Printer properties" and select the "Ports" tab. Observe the port in use.
  • Open "Printer properties" on the original printer and select the "Ports" tab. From the list displayed, select the port option in use by the duplicate printer. If this original printer works normally, the duplicate copy printer can be removed.

It also suggests some more generic solutions such as updating print drivers and manually uninstalling and reinstalling the printer.

Some users have also spotted problems with USB scanners, though Microsoft hasn't addressed this. (Source:

What's Your Opinion?

Have you come across this problem? Do you check Microsoft's update support site if you get problems with your computer? Can Microsoft do more to check updates aren't going to cause problems?

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I've got the duplicate bug, and i'd be happy to tell them all about it if they weren't trying to sink tentacles into my brain via their login that would try to track my every move forever. To hell with them. Once they kill Cortana i might reconsider.

PS there are way too many 3rd parties demanding to set cookies and execute scripts on this site.