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CourseForum is a small and fast web application for the home, a small business, or the classroom that allows you to create an interactive website on a local network.

After I downloaded CourseForum's small 1.7mb installer, I had a personal website on my Local Area Network (LAN) within minutes! I was able to access my website and make changes on my LAN from any PC. I am just thrilled that something this easy to use is free, and it's available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and FreeBSD.

Click here for a CourseForum screenshot.

From the CourseForum website:

" An Easy to Use Web Application: CourseForum is an easy to run web application, used through standard web browsers, that lets you and your students host discussions and share knowledge, adding interaction to your courses. Because it is web based, there is no need for students to install any software; they use the web browser already running on their home computer or school computer lab. It doesn't matter what web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Firefox, etc.) they have, or if they are running Windows or Mac. CourseForum looks and feels just like any other web application. CourseForum is centered around simple free-form text, making it easy to understand, and easy to work with -- creating or modifying content within the course is as easy as writing an email message. There's no complex interface, set procedures for working, or complex web forms to navigate. "

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