'ShutUp10' Simplifies Windows 10 Privacy Settings

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Users frustrated with Windows 10's complicated privacy settings have an alternative option. A third-party tool called 'ShutUp10' offers a one-stop dashboard to control exactly what data is shared.

The free tool can be downloaded directly from the developers O&O Software. It's a standalone application meaning you can run it without having to install it first, in turn meaning there's none of the bundled 'crapware' that comes with some free applications.

Once opened, the tool lists just over 100 settings in 13 categories:

  • Privacy
  • App Privacy
  • Security
  • Web Browser Microsoft Edge
  • Synchronization of Windows Settings
  • Cortana (Personal Assistant)
  • Location Services
  • User Behavior
  • Windows Update
  • Windows Explorer
  • Windows Defender and Microsoft SpyNet
  • Lock Screen
  • Miscellaneous

Clicking on the text of each feature will give more detail about what it does within Windows.

Next to each feature is a clickable "slider" setting. It's not the most intuitive as the slider's 'off' setting (shown in red) means the setting or feature is enabled in Windows 10. The 'on' setting (shown in green) means the setting is disabled in Windows 10.

Color-Coded Recommendations

For users who either aren't sure of the best settings or want a quick and easy guide, there's also a 'Recommended' icon beside each entry. Again, it's potentially confusing as a green tick ('yes') means the developers suggest you do disable the feature or switch the setting off. A red exclamation mark ('no') means they suggest you leave the feature or setting on.

There's also a yellow triangle labeled 'limited' which means the developers recommend disabling the feature in most cases but note some exceptions. Again, clicking on the text of the entry will give more details.

Sneaky Windows Update Changes Revealed

It's also possible to select from a menu at the top marked 'Actions' and instantly switch every entry to the recommended settings. This is a simple option, but it's probably worth checking through manually instead. This menu also has a quick link to make a System Restore point in Windows before making any changes, along with a one-click option to restore all settings to the Windows 10 defaults.

Another neat feature is that after an update to Windows, ShutUp10 will list any settings that have been changed and let you put them back to the way you preferred them. (Source: betanews.com)

Software comes with No Warranty

Please be advised that Infopackets.com has no affiliation with O&O Software and that if you decide to use this program it comes with no warranty, meaning that you use it at your own risk. Furthermore, programs like ShutUp10 have the potential to break the operating system (Windows 10) or some of its features, due to fact that it circumvents certain features in Windows 10. You have been warned.

What's Your Opinion?

Does this sound like a useful tool for you? Do you spend much time in the Windows settings menus? Do you feel you have a good grasp on your existing privacy settings?

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crackberrymeister_3399's picture

I would not recommend that anyone use this tool. I tried it about 8-12 months ago and it damaged either my registry settings or system files. I can no longer use the Privacy Settings in the Settings menu and the Location setting is totally broken among some other settings here and there in the system. I would stay clear of this software.

ronbh's picture

I have not switch to 10 because of the amount of data Microsoft collects.
This sounds like just the software that is required.
I would have to disagree withe confusion
Green blocks data collection. That is good.
Red allows microsoft to collect data. That is bad.
Sounds simple and straight forward to me.

ehowland's picture

I have not looked close at the O&O version, but the only feature I see is it being able to TELL you if an update re-enabled something you had turned off (The original Ashampoo "AntiSpy" might also do this, I never looked). I have used "AntiSpy for windows 10" on many PCs and never once had a problem, like the fellow above talked about. It also does not need to install, this O&O looks like a direct copy?

Unrecognised's picture

Excellent so far! Just wish I'd discovered this earlier.

Absolute gratitude to the devs.