New Windows 10 Changes Revealed

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The next Windows 10 update will make shutting down or restarting a computer a smoother process. It will also make it slightly easier to switch back and forth between a phone and a computer.

The changes are in the latest test build of the Windows 10 "Fall Creator's Update." That's the next twice-yearly update to Windows 10 that adds new features rather than simply fixing security and performance bugs.

Normally in Windows, if you restart the computer (or it's automatically restarted by an update), you need to re-enter your login details. The same thing happens if you shut down the computer and then boot it up later.

No Password Required

It's already possible to set Windows 10 to automatically log back in after an update restart. That's now being extended to (optionally) work after any boot or restart. As well as signing in, Windows will automatically open the apps that normally launch at start-up. (Source:

The change might make life a little easier if users want to hit restart or power up the computer and then grab a coffee ready to get straight back to work rather than sit waiting for the login process. However, users will need to remember to disable the feature before shutting down and leaving the computer unattended for an extended period, otherwise it could allow somebody who gets physical access to the computer to use it without knowing the password.

Pages Automatically Open on PC

The other main change in the update is syncing between phones and computers, specifically when visiting websites. Once the update is in place, users on Android and iPhone handsets will be able to tap the share option in their chosen browser and select "Continue on PC" to have the web page automatically open on the default browser on their computer - either immediately or when they next turn it on.

In theory that might make life a little simpler, but in practice the chances are most people who'd find that feature useful already use synced bookmarks, for example: bookmarking in Chrome on a phone so they can find the page on Chrome on their desktop.

Other changes in the update include using Cortana's voice commands to restart, close down or lock a computer, which seems somewhat open to abuse as an office prank. (Source:

What's Your Opinion?

Would being able to restart your computer without having to login again make much difference? Does the convenience outweigh the possible security risk? Would you use the "Continue on PC" feature?

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Rebooting the system and having everything opened again after reboot would surely be a major security issue. I think a far better feature would be to have Windows automatically lock the screen after X minutes (which is already a feature but needs to be enabled); if an update is applied, have the system make note of the currently open files and programs, reboot the system, keep all the apps and files open - but require a password to get back in. That would be much more secure because the system would still be locked, but in an uninterrupted way.

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As I was reading the article, I thought that surely MS is not stupid enough to set it up so that someone could just restart a locked computer and gain unlocked access to it. Let's hope that they refine this a bit. And although your suggestion to have Windows bring back all the apps that were open when rebooting sounds great, I can see where that could cause a problem if the reason you're rebooting is because you can't get a misbehaving app to close, and it's causing an issue.

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I LIKE A CLEAN START...nothing makes startup quick.
Then I open a DIR on my desktop and click the progs I want running..
it also gives me a chance/option to NOT OPEN a Im not bothered by people..

Even if it starts up FULLY and then asks for the password..
Iv seen it mess a computer up..the laptop got CONFUSED..and would not shut down. 1 prog had HUNG UP and locked most things out..

I turn this off, and tell customers that IF they leave the computer, TURN IT OFF.. If they are handing around, LEAVE IT ON.. with a Clean start, and NOTHING loading up at the same time...its fast.

Connecting to my Smart device, phone/tablet or what ever is already done...its linked up to Google and shares back and forth..AUTOMATICALLY..FF and chrome have the same options also..

MS is trying to do catch up..and still failing.

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you are talking to a person STILL using an Athlon x64, I do know about SLOW loading..

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When troubleshooting a pc or simply changing User, I'd like the restart or reboot to be under MY control.

An automatic logon may be OK when all is running well but when they are not it may cause more problems than it solves.