Reveal Hidden Dialogues: Right-click Everywhere in MS Outlook

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Do you habitually right-click?

Even if you've never used a "right-click" dialogue menu before, it's fun to right-click and see what extra options are available, and where. Who knows -- the extra options you reveal might make a right-clicker out of you!

Try it for yourself. In MS Outlook 2003, you can right-click on:

  • Group headers to Collapse All or Expand All.
  • The Day Planner's time scale to change the scale or access Time Zone settings.
  • Any Day/Week/Month view for a host of options, including 'Go to Day'.
  • Folders (including shortcuts on the Outlook bar) to see folder options.
  • Any white space in any folder view to access view options. (Hint: you can double left-click in white space to create new items).

Now wasn't that fun?

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