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The MBW-100: Cell Phone + Watch Technology Married

In the versatile world of digital equipment, it's always out with the old and in with the new. And of course, this is especially true with cell phone technology. Recently, mobile communications giant Sony Ericsson teamed up with Fossil, Inc. to ... develop the MBW-100: a specialized wrist watch that interacts with Bluetooth-friendly cell phones. For those who are not familiar with Bluetooth technology, it is simply a way to exchange information between devices, wirelessly. For example: the most commonly used Bluetooth device today is the Bluetooth headphone set, used by many people with their ... (view more)

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AOL Sued over Public Release of Search-Related Data

What would you do if you found records of your personal search information haphazardly sprinkled all over the web? For three AOL subscribers, the reckless mismanagement of their personal data sparked a class-action lawsuit against the Internet giant ... this past Friday. This is the first time AOL has been sued for the intentional release of over 19 million search requests made by about 650,000 subscribers during a period of three months. The Internet service provider is being charged under the federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act and California's consumer-protection laws. (Source: ... (view more)

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